Retimed is a local multiplayer arena shooter for 2-4 players. When a player is in danger, time slows down and a time bubble is created around the player. This allows him to dodge the deadly projectiles. The players fight alone or in teams against each other and in different arenas. Who has achieved the required number of kill, wins.



Others describe Bintan as pessimistic and depressed. However he labels himself as a realistic optimist. Bintain grew up in the sunny part of the planet Gaeta, where happiness is of highest priority. His body works like a container, where limbs, eyes and ears are set in.



Cainam lives in an old industrial area. Nobody remembers anymore if Cainam was banned or if he decided to live there by himself. Neither knows anybody if he is wearing a mask to hide his identity or to protect the world from his face. His suit is built of a rubber-like material, protecting him from the industrial chemicals. Its orange color reminds Cainam of his favourite plant, the sallow thorn.




Yowie is a Yeti living  in an isolated region of the Candymountains. He is relaxed, friendly and has a pink fluffy fur. Although he is a pacifist, he joined the army.



Violet is a jolly, careless, clumsy being. It lives in the big Rubberforrest and is made of a substance similar to bubblegum. Violet has no specific gender.