In «Orbonom» you play as a cute monster named Orbonom. It hatches out of an egg in the Urbonom, which is it‘s home. His goal is to become the Urbonom itself. To reach that the Orbonom seeks for bigger Orbonoms to take over their bodies. By eating his own extremities he gains special abilities, which help him to solve the puzzles to overpower the bigger Orbonoms.

Macro mechanics: Your goal is to get as big as you can. Disable the bigger monsters to try to get the biggest Orobonom.

Micro mechanics: If the Orbonom eats one of his extremities the other one of the pair gets stronger. That means if he eats his left arm, his right one gets stronger. If he eats the other one of the pair as well, then his remaining legs get the extra power.

Developer: Yannic Hungerbühler & Annika Rüegsegger
System: PC, Mac
Genre: an eatyourself adventure