In "Broken Sanity" the player takes the role of an insane, who tries to escape from his constraints. He goes through different phases of insanity, while he goes deeper in his blurred mind. There seems to be no escape.

"Broken Sanity"  forces the player to go beyond the usual borders of gaming.



  • Andermatt Benjamin
  • Baumgartner Fabio
  • Bodenmann Dennis
  • Bohren Julia
  • Bucher Andres
  • Hohl David
  • Hungerbühler Yannic
  • Läng Silja
  • Petrus Jeremy
  • Rüegsegger Annika
  • Schärrer Eric
  • Schneuwly Manuel
  • Tobler Joëlle
  • Weber Anika
  • Wegmann Marc

System: PC, Mac
Genre: Point and Click Adventure