My name is Annika. I'm a swiss game designer. I studied game design at the university of arts in Zurich. (graduated in 2017)

After graduation my teampartner Max Striebel and I continued working on on our bachelorproject, a multiplayer game named 'Retimed' with the goal to release it. While working on Retimed I also designed the UI for another game called 'Niche - a genetic survival game'.

Because of my studies at university and my part of a team of only two people, I could collect experience in many different working fields.

3D Design: Cinema 4D, Blender
2D Design:  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premier
2D Animationstool: Spine
Game Engines: Unity, Game Maker
Experienced as Gamedesigner, Artist and Leveldesigner.

My homepage should give you an insight of what for project I worked on. There are outlined ideas, finished games and artworks